And so, SATS are over for another year. Never have the tests courted such controversy and media attention.

At Greenways, the children in Year 2 and 6 were simply brilliant in the way they approached the tests. It was a calm, positive experience and the children approached their work with great enthusiasm and incredible growth mindsets (I even received two lovely cards from Year 6 children thanking the school for teaching them about growth mindsets).

This was, in no small part, down to both how we teach the values of our school and the work of all the staff to prepare the children appropriately.

Make no mistake, the Year 6 tests were a lot, lot harder than in previous years. The content and questions in the reading paper were, quite frankly, a bit bizarre. And of course we won’t even know for a while what constitutes a good mark because of the way that results will be presented this year.

Anyhow, there have been lots of articles looking at SATs this year, enjoy!the-child-catcher

A light-hearted look at the whole thing:

2016 SATs: a retrospective

Very sad that in some schools children were so worried about the tests:

But the children still like them:

This is absolutely shocking:,-cheating-and-sats.aspx

Another light-hearted view:

And always good for a laugh, Mrs Morgan should have the last word:


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